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about us

Working On The Problem

We are a group of students from Faculty of Computer and Information sciences (Mansoura University).

Our Team was founded by level one students in 2017 -With their faith of helping others-.

ZerOne TeaM is a Student Activity whose goal is to help students by doing different Activities:

scientific, practical, social, charitable and recreational activities. Which it is a non-profit team.

Our goal is to transfer our knowledge that we have learned, No matter how it was small, And to help other students both in studying and career to acquire some skills which are important to the community and the labor market after graduation through events and other.


Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world

ZerOne Committees

Every successful system has a foundation that must be permanent. Today we are the foundations of the structure of our being, 6 pillars like the compact structure.

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Human resources (HR)
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Public relations (PR)
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Social Media
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Graphic design
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What People Say

The real happiness stems when it inspires and pays someone on the path that benefits it.

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الافكار حلوه ان شاء الله تعملوا حجات حلوه اكتر واحسن وتعلوا بالتيم بتعكوا


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التنظيم رائع ودائما في تطور مستمر دائم

Mega Team

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أول تيم عرفته في الكليه وكان مفيد جدا وحبيته ربنا يوفقكم..


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التيم حلو جدا وفيه أعز الناس علي قلبي انتظرونا في باقي الأيفنتات هنحضر أكيد...كنا متشجعين للتيم جدا وطلع زي ما أتوقعنا

Aya ezz